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Yidu Jade Hare Towel Co., Ltd. is located in Shilipu Industrial Park, Lucheng, Yidu, Hubei. It is mainly engaged in reactive printing, paint series printing, reactive dyeing, embroidery, jacquard towels, bath towels, tea towels, square towels, bathrobes, Production and sales of textiles for bathroom accessories in hotels. All products are exported to European and American markets. The company has 400 employees, 260 towel towel looms, 3 magnetic bar printing lines, and complete production equipment. All of them are completed in the factory. The annual production capacity is 1800 tons. . Most of the company's products are satisfied with foreign market customers, and a certain share is satisfied with military supplies. The product is produced using "D3821-81 American A8TM Textile Standard", using environmentally friendly raw materials, high technology content, fine processing, thick texture, plump loops, soft feel, fluffy breathability, suitable for domestic and foreign consumer groups.

Hubei Jade Hare Home Textile Co.,Ltd

SINCE 1987

The company's products won the title of Hubei Province's famous brand products from 2003 to 2007. In 2004, it became a member of China's commodity barcode system. In August 2005, it passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification. It was approved by the People's Bank of China Yidu Sub-branch, Yidu Rural Cooperative Bank, The Yidu City Federation of Industry and Commerce awarded AAA credit enterprises, and was awarded the civilized unit by the Yidu City Committee and the municipal government. Won the honorary title of Advanced Enterprise Management Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Comprehensive enterprise integrating production, design and sales

We will produce newer and better products with unique corporate culture, efficient staff team, rigorous work style, superb professional technology, and honest cooperation concept, and dedicate to new and old customers with optimal service. Make unremitting efforts for the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, drive the local urban and rural residents to get rich together, and promote social harmony and progress.

Hubei Jade Hare Home Textile Co.,Ltd

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