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Yidu: Striving to be the benchmark for high-quality development of the county economy in the province
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Yidu: Striving to be the benchmark for high-quality development of the county economy in the province

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(Summary description)The Pearl of the Two Rivers and the Three Gorges Gate City.On the vast land in southwestern Hubei, there is such a city dazzling She sits at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Qingjiang River, and has the courage to open the Yangtze River's atmosphere, tolerance and forge ahead, and the simplicity of the Qingjiang Lingxiu;

Yidu: Striving to be the benchmark for high-quality development of the county economy in the province

(Summary description)The Pearl of the Two Rivers and the Three Gorges Gate City.On the vast land in southwestern Hubei, there is such a city dazzling She sits at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Qingjiang River, and has the courage to open the Yangtze River's atmosphere, tolerance and forge ahead, and the simplicity of the Qingjiang Lingxiu;

  • Categories:Company News
  • Author:
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2017-11-16
  • Views:14
The Pearl of the Two Rivers and the Three Gorges Gate City.
On the vast land in southwestern Hubei, there is such a city dazzling ——
She sits at the intersection of the Yangtze River and Qingjiang River, and has the courage to open the Yangtze River's atmosphere, tolerance and forge ahead, and the simplicity of the Qingjiang Lingxiu;
Her location advantage is excellent. It is located at the junction of the three provinces and cities of Hubei, Chongqing and Hunan, the half-hour economic circle of the Three Gorges Yichang, the Jiaoliu Railway and the Liangjiang Waterway running through the north and south, the Hurong Expressway and the Three Gorges Dam Overturning Expressway connect the world, known as the "Western Hubei Gateway" "The reputation of "Chu Shu throat";
She is one of the top 100 counties and cities in the country, a civilized city in the country, and a national forest city. She has produced many advanced experiences that are well-known throughout the country.
Her name is Yidu.
In recent years, Yidu has insisted on external ecology and internal humanities, with overwhelming efforts to protect the mother river of the Yangtze River, and strives to do a good job in ecological restoration, environmental protection, and green development. Good, ecologically beautiful, improved people's livelihood, and orderly high-quality development. This year, Yidu Top 100 ranked again, ranked 78th, and was selected as the national top 100 list for 6 consecutive years.
A set of data is exciting! From January to September this year, Yidu large-scale industrial enterprises completed a total output value of 67.766 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%; scale industrial added value increased by 13.2%; fixed asset investment increased by 13.6%; total financial revenue was 3.014 billion yuan, increased by 14.1%; public The fiscal budget revenue was 1.969 billion yuan, an increase of 0.7%; the investment funds in place were 28.157 billion yuan, an increase of 21.6%.
Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, but now he is striding from scratch. As the leader of the county economy in the province, Yidu is on the journey of dream-making and high-quality development.
Transformation to build a new advantage of a strong industrial city
Yidu is a city with strong traditional industries. Electronic information, biomedicine, fine chemicals, new energy and new materials, equipment manufacturing and other industries are complete.
Under the guidance of the new development concept of "grasping the big protection and not carrying out large development", Yidu will pay close attention to the industrial transformation and promote it at a high level, and set up a leading group for the chemical industry special rectification and transformation and upgrading work, where the municipal party committee secretary is the team leader and commander. , Formed the headquarters to promote the transformation and upgrading of chemical enterprises, and formulated the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Special Remediation and Transformation of Yidu Chemical Industry".
"Lock the target, reverse the construction period, put the transformation and upgrading of the service chemical industry at the top of the current work, and make every effort to promote the city's efforts to win the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry." Luo Lianfeng, Secretary of the Yidu City Committee, said.
On August 24, 2017, with the orderly dismantling of chemical facilities and equipment of Chuxing Chemical Park Xiangxi Chemical Co., Ltd., Yidu officially opened the first batch of chemical companies along the Yangtze River to "reform and relocate". In 2018, the city invested 12 billion yuan to form a "one enterprise, one strategy" plan. According to law, 4 enterprises were shut down, 1 was transformed into production, 11 enterprises were relocated into the park, and 10 enterprises were renovated and upgraded.
Green development can't just count economic accounts. Luo Lianfeng said: "Yidu's industrial enterprise's output value is about 70 billion yuan a year, and the closing, cleaning up, transfer, and relocation of chemical companies will cause losses of nearly 7 billion yuan. One-tenth of the output value will make way for environmental protection. In front of the mandatory answer to green development, Yidu did not hesitate."
Technical transformation is a "booster" for the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises and the realization of high-quality development. In 2018, Yidu issued the "Three-Year Action Plan for Deepening Industrial Technical Reform" to carry out technical transformation of existing traditional processes, and provide 30 million yuan of incentive funds each year to ensure that all chemical companies on the plan will complete the technical upgrading within 3 years. Up to now, a number of enterprises in Yihua Chuxing, Huaxin Cement, Ezhong Chemical, etc. have successfully implemented their technological transformation projects. By the end of 2018, Yidu had completed a total industrial investment of 13.84 billion yuan.
Technical transformation has brought a batch of enterprises to life. In the first half of this year, Yidu Dongyang Industrial Co., Ltd. realized a tax of 873 million yuan, more than 30 million yuan more than last year. Yidu Yutu Home Textiles eliminated 246 shuttle looms, invested 30 million yuan to update and transform the host equipment, and formed an annual output of 3,000 tons of looms. Technical transformation realizes the transformation of industrial manufacturing to "intelligent manufacturing". Data show that in the first half of this year, Yidu’s value-added tax and corporate income tax were 950 million yuan and 440 million yuan, respectively, increased by 320 million yuan and 180 million yuan, an increase of 52% and 73.1%.
Today's project, tomorrow's output. The project is an economical ballast stone and a developed stabilizer.
In recent years, Yidu has regarded the project as a high-quality development lifeline, and unswervingly implemented the "No. 1 Project" for investment attraction and project construction. Investment promotion work strives to practice the concept of green and sustainable development, insists on starting from the source, no longer simply pursues the scale and volume of the project, and takes green, ecological and environmental protection projects as an important basis for investment promotion, and pays more attention to the project itself With "green" and "new".
In 2018, the city's investment attraction achieved a historic breakthrough, with 125 newly signed projects, an agreed investment amount of 50.4 billion yuan, and actual funds in place of 30 billion yuan. A large number of new energy and new materials and fine chemical projects including Hydrogen New Energy, Yichang Huahao, Jiangsu Lithium Battery, and Xinlong New Materials have been implemented, which has become an important support for the transformation and upgrading of Yidu and striving to become the province's high-quality development benchmark.
Relying on the advantages of mountain water resources, Yidu speeds up the construction of Qingjiang Rehabilitation Industry National Experimental Zone, focusing on the construction of projects such as Shancheng Shuidu Health City, Qinglin Recreation Town, Sanjiang Ecological New City, Citrus National Agricultural Park, etc. center.
Green protection Refresh the high value of the forest capital
On October 10, the China Environmental Protection Foundation, the People’s Government of Yidu City and the Central (Beijing) Certification Center jointly issued the “Green Lifestyle Guide”. The "Guide" has a total of 79 articles, covering eight areas of "clothing, food, housing, transportation, use, education, travel, and maintenance" that are closely related to the lives of ordinary people. It has formulated what to do and how to do for the government, enterprises, and the public. Detailed implementation rules and quantitative assessment indicators provide normative and exemplary guidance for green lifestyles.
Promote a green lifestyle and create a green city benchmark. Yidu innovated the system and mechanism, adhered to the system to protect the green, issued the "Outline of Green Development Planning of Yidu City", established five major categories of ecological industry, ecological livability, and ecological culture, and 40 specific indicators. By implementing ecological index management, the concept, Humanism, industry, and social governance ecologicalization; compile and implement the "Economic Civilization Construction Objective Evaluation Method", improve the ecological construction objective evaluation and evaluation system, and compact the main responsibility of ecological governance; the "Yidu Ecological Citizen Construction Implementation Plan" was issued in the city Scope to carry out publicity and education on the concept of ecological civilization, and the concept of green development is popular among the people.
Ecological education starts from the doll. During class, more than a thousand students from Lucheng No. 1 Primary School danced with the happy beat of "Ecological Childhood Song". Since 2013, Yidu has innovatively carried out "Ecological Childhood" themed practical activities, and cultivated students' environmental literacy through the ecological perspective, ecological classroom, ecological classroom, and ecological practice. Nowadays, little teenagers have become practitioners and communicators of green life. They collect rainwater to water flowers, walk to school, and use old newspapers to practice writing to reduce paper waste...
"Ecological restoration of the Yangtze River is the first priority, protect the mother river of the Chinese nation, and do not engage in destructive development."
Yidu puts the restoration of the Yangtze River ecology in an overwhelming position, continues to implement forest growth and greening improvement projects, and promotes comprehensive measures such as ecological protection of the Yangtze River, precise extinction, afforestation, and ecological restoration of docks.
Hubei Chuxing Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Sanbanhu Village, Zhicheng Town, once piled 13 million cubic meters of phosphogypsum left after the production of high-concentration phosphate compound fertilizer. The bare piled phosphogypsum is like bare barren mountain. The company built safety and environmental protection facilities such as slag dams and seepage liquid collection ponds, and took measures such as slope improvement and vegetation restoration on the yard to upgrade and reform the ecological landscape. The 400 acres of abandoned slag yard were covered with green clothes.
The water of the Yangtze River is rolling, and both sides of the river are green. The ecological environment along the Yidu section of the Yangtze River has clearly improved. Up to now, Yidu has completed 1,200 acres of greening along the Yangtze River, planting more than 110,000 trees, and the length of greening is 38 kilometers.
Return to Yidu city. Walk through it, one hundred steps. The main road green belt, the green landscape at the crossroads, and the large and small parks are refreshing. Up to now, Yidu has added 2.3654 million square meters of park green space, 14.11 square meters of green space per capita, and a green coverage rate of 43.61%; built and renovated 12 green land parks and 35 small amusement parks such as Qingjiang Park, Wenfeng Park, Luxun Square, To achieve the goal of seeing green at 300 meters and seeing garden at 500 meters.
There are parks in cities and squares in towns. Yidu focuses on the "Ten Towns and One Hundred Villages Beautiful Color Project", and implements greening, beautification, coloring and aromatization of village roads, rivers and canals, barren hills and beaches, and rural "four sides". The new green area in the town is 87.85 hectares.
In recent years, Yidu has continued to create green ecological demonstration activities, successfully creating 3 provincial forest towns and 45 green demonstration villages. Yidu was awarded the National Forest City and is the only county-level city in Hubei Province.
Efficiently create a new highland for business environment
Asking about warmth and boosting the confidence of enterprise development; asking the truth and grasping the development trend of the enterprise; asking the countermeasures to solve the problems of the enterprise development; asking the project to enhance the stamina of the enterprise development; asking the ideas and clarifying the development path of the enterprise... The service activities of "cadres entering a thousand enterprises" serve the development of enterprises with more practical measures, focus on solving the difficulties, pain points and plugging problems that restrict the development of enterprises, create a good environment for enterprise development, and achieve good results.
Since Yidu started the service activity of “Thousands of Cadres Entering Thousands of Enterprises” in August 2018, city-level officials visited 27 industrial enterprises and collected a total of 47 enterprise feedback question requests, of which 43 problems have been resolved on-site; 83 citywide The unit contacted and visited 242 industrial enterprises and collected a total of 275 requests for feedback from enterprises. At present, 263 problems have been solved, and the completion rate has reached 95.6%, effectively solving the problems of enterprise development. Comprehensive implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction measures, Yidu has introduced more than 20 policy measures to promote the relocation of chemical companies into the park, support the listing of companies, industrial technological transformation and expansion, e-commerce economic development, and the establishment of science and technology funds. In 2018, Yidu reduced the burden of enterprises by 450 million yuan.
"The procedure that originally took more than one month to complete, was completed in 3 days." This is the surprise brought to the person in charge of Yidu City Xingfa Chemical Co., Ltd. by the "information commitment system" launched by Yidu. In order to break the "wait and see" and "tandem approval" of the approval department, and solve the difficulty of approval and landing of investment projects, Yidu should launch the "information commitment system" in accordance with its actual situation to "speed down" for administrative approval.
This is a microcosm. It should be a sample city for the provincial business environment test evaluation. To benchmark the Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, deepen the reform of “delegating services”, vigorously promote the “separation of licenses” and “reduce certificates after licenses”, consolidate the achievements of “one network coverage, one run at a time”, and promote the “five-level connectivity” of government services, and government service matters The online availability rate is 77%, and more than 200 high-frequency events can only be run once and completed once. Accelerate the advancement of multi-institutional integration, multi-evaluation integration, multi-examination integration, multi-certification integration, multi-inspection integration, and multi-management integration, promote the implementation of reform measures such as notification commitment system, standard transfer, and director's presence in the window. One-stop approval service platform, the average speed of approval is 30%, of which the speed of construction engineering approval is 50%.
From urban to rural areas, the reform runs through. On October 28, Yidu City held the inaugural meeting of rural stock economic cooperatives in Zhicheng Town, and 127 village-level stock economic cooperatives and 287,810 village-level collective economic organization members were successively awarded registration certificates and equity certificates.
As the fourth batch of pilot cities for rural collective property rights in the country, Yidudu initiated the reform of the rural collective property rights system in October 2017. As of now, the city has basically completed its phased reform tasks. A total of 12.3535 million yuan of rural collective assets were registered in the city, including 32.139 million yuan in operating assets and 1.66 million mu in resource assets. The equity of operating assets includes three parts: operating assets, non-operating assets that can be converted into operations, and valuation of resource assets. A total of 21.421 million yuan of capital stocks of the city’s stock economic cooperatives were registered and 30,199236 shares were allotted. "Every household has capital, every family has shareholders, and every year there is a dividend." This beautiful vision becomes a reality in Yidu.

Yidu: Striving to be the benchmark for high-quality development of the county economy in the province

The high-quality development of cities is inseparable from high-quality talents. Yidu opened his arms and accepted talents. It has successively implemented the "Two Rivers Talents" and "Double Ten Thousands of Thousands" Talent Project, held a series of activities of "Good Talents, Good Uses and Talent Convergence", employing 13 high-quality development consultants, 33 talent recruitment ambassadors and 123 rural revitalization consultants , Set up 2 foreign chambers of commerce and 4 Liangjiang talented work stations to ensure the introduction of more than 200 innovative and entrepreneurial leading talents every year, cultivate 20 high-tech enterprises, and launch 200 innovative and entrepreneurial development projects.
Set up a stage for talents to solve their worries. Yidu has issued the "Measures for the Management of Top-notch Talents in Yicheng" to improve the introduction, cultivation, service and incentive mechanism of talents, and provide high-quality and efficient services for the settlement of high-level talents, education of children, and employment of spouses. So far, the city's various talents have exceeded 49,000, including nearly 10,000 high-level talents.
From "grabbing projects" to "making environment", from "you are here" to "you are coming", from "parental official" to "shop second"... In recent years, Yidu has combined its own reality and strived to create Yidu features The business environment establishes the service concept of "the government revolves around enterprises, and enterprises do things immediately", attracting the gathering of merchants like magnets, and becoming a fertile ground for entrepreneurship, a good place for employment, and a paradise for wealth creation.
"Yidu is in the window period of relying on development methods to innovate, solve difficult problems, and fill shortcomings. In order to promote transformation and upgrade and achieve leapfrog development, we must further optimize the business environment through intimate, accurate, and efficient services of "nanny". Help various projects to speed up the construction process." Tan Jianguo, Mayor of Yidu City, said.
has raised his eyes and felt that Qianshan Green is suitable for taking advantage of Dongfeng horseshoe disease. Accompanied by the sound of the horn of high-quality development, Yidu embarked on the beat of the new era and is depicting a brighter and brighter tomorrow with a large rafter.

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