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Talent Concept

Talent concept: both ethics and talents, eclectic, people use their talents to their best
Both virtue and talent are available-talented person is also a resource of virtue; virtue is also a handsome person "Germany"-has a high basic quality, "talent"-the basic ability to perform their duties. Ancients said: The ruler is short, the inch is long, the things are not enough, and the wisdom is not clear. There is no need for both selection and selection, but morality is the first priority. By improving the quality of enterprise talents, a talent structure with both ethics and integrity can be constructed.
Irrespective of one's style-Innovate the concept of talents and choose talents regardless of the seniority. Continuously broaden talent selection channels, discover talents in practice, cultivate talents, train talents, use talents boldly, vigorously cultivate innovative professionals, and continuously develop and strengthen the talent team, adding stamina to the sustainable development of enterprises.
Make the most of your talents-people are long and short, big or small, both virtue and talent, both inside and outside. Knowing good people and doing their best. Wisdom sees talents, loves talents, uses talents with boldness, bravery and talents. Explore the flash points of each employee in depth, give full play to each employee's strengths, maximize the integration of the company's human resources, provide a strong impetus for the company's sustainable development, and promote the company into a fast lane of healthy development.
Only make the best use of it-because of its aptitude, it can be used for its purpose, use its strengths, cover its weaknesses. Knowing good people is the only way to do the right thing. With a keen insight, discover the individual characteristics of each employee, make the best use of the quantity, put the talent in the most suitable position, apply the advantages of the employee to the most suitable work, and put the sage in its place , The capable person is in his position, each has his own position, and his strengths are avoided.
Yutu Home Textiles talents are the most precious enterprise resources, with "talent first, people-oriented" as the original side, forming a set of "regarding talents, caring for talents, developing talents, using talents, retaining talents, improving talents" talent mechanism, With the mission of employees and enterprises growing together, we strive to achieve the ultimate goal of "harmonious and win-win, common development". Under the leadership of the management team, after more than ten years of development, Yutu Home Textiles has already possessed a large number of outstanding R&D, management, and marketing talents. Among them, middle-aged and young people with a master's degree and undergraduate degree have gradually become the core backbone. At the same time, more and more More and more outstanding graduates join us with lofty ideals and pursuit of career. They uphold the spirit of "willing to dedicate and be brave to innovate". They are determined to forge ahead, grow fast, and quickly grow into a powerful new force of the enterprise.

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